Wild Bunch Action Shooting (WBAS) is a fast paced shooting sport using firearms from the early 1900's.  WBAS is a three gun sport using the 1911 pistol in 45 ACP, a Winchester '97 or Model 12 shotgun in 12 guage and SASS legal rifle in a pistol cartridge of .40 caliber or more.  While similar to cowboy action shooting in many ways Wild Bunch is not cowboy action with a 1911.  For more information on Wild Bunch shooting click on the "Getting Started" menu.

Located in Edgewood, New Mexico, the Founders Ranch is the Single Action Shooting Society's premier shooting facility and home of annual events such as End of Trail.  As home of Cowboy Action Shooting, the Founders Ranch has first class props and a wide selection of steel targets scattered over numerous bays.  After our monthly WBAS match, many shooters enjoy a round or two of five stand at the Founders Ranch shotgun range.

Los Pistoleros meet at the Founders Ranch the 4th Saturday of the month to shoot six stages of Wild Bunch Action Shooting.

An early New Mexico lawman from the Wild Bunch era.

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